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MS: Marko by amikotochan MS: Marko by amikotochan

Edit:Updated Bio 1-14-14, Updated Art 1-17-14


Name: Marko Kuusi (mop top :iconmingplz:)

Age: 17

Gender: Boy

Nationality: Finnish/Swedish


Marko is very logical person, he likes to look for the facts and rarely thinks outside the box. He's a straight A student who loves to study, and does so even in his free time. This tends to make him kind of stick in the mud; not wanting to do anything adventurous unless it's absolutely necessary for his studies. While he's patient when it comes to his studies, he's not so much when is comes to people, especially people he deems as unintelligent. While he's not a people person that doesn't mean he never wants to interact with people, he just finds a majority of them annoying so he tends to stay home or at a library. He rarely smiles around others, and pulling him away from his studies is like pulling teeth. He hates small talk but if a topic comes up that interest him, he becomes very outspoken. He only cares about what his family thinks of him, not what others do.


Marko is half Finnish half Swedish, currently living in Finland. He lives with his father and older brother, his mother left when he was still very young so he doesn't remember her at all. Marko stopped asking about his mother after always getting silence, or an immediate topic change from his father and brother. Instead, he asked his father if he could keep a broken earring she left behind. He saw no harm in letting Marko keep it, and Marko treasured it since it was the only thing he had of his mother. He later found a whole stash of comics that his father had packed away while trying, in vain, to look for any pictures of his mother. After reading just one comic book he was hooked and believed that they were real. He started to look up to superheroes, and would tell his father and brother how he would grow up to be one. Drawing became a passion for him, he loved making superheroes and would often draw himself as one. His brother endlessly teased him about it though, telling him superheros don't exist. Marko wanted to prove his brother wrong so he did some research of his own on them. In the end, his brother was right and a crushed Marko stopped believing in superheros, stored away all his comics, and stopped drawing altogether.

Seeing how his brother was right about super heroes, he soon looked up to his brother and would always go to him for advice first. Marko did whatever he asked and hung on his every word; he wanted to be like his brother and follow in his footsteps. He decided not to believe in anything until he had enough research and facts to back it up. When Marko was older he got his right ear pierced so he could wear his mothers earring; though he didn't wear it long because his brother told him how unmanly it looked. He became more self conscious about his appearance to his family, and decided to work and study hard to make them proud. He immersed himself into books, learning as much as he could about anything that caught his interest. He does research papers in his spare time, and has acquired a vast selection of books for someone his age. Marko's life consisted of studying, and spending time with his friends and family. Since his father had a very well paying job, they would vacation out of the country to visit his cousins in America from time to time. His life soon fell into a routine that he grew accustomed to, albeit started to feel dull over the years.


Magical Name: Super Soldier Sparkling Wine yes he sparkles

Color: Wine Red

Quote: "Heart of Fire, Sparkle!~" idk shot

Stellar Power: 2

Heart Gem:

Marko's heart lies in his mother's broken earring. While he's never said it, he has always felt that this only remainder of his mother completed his family. Laiska used the heart gem in place of the broken piece that fell off years ago. He soon re-pierced his ear in order to wear it.

Angelus: Laiska - ♀ - Chinchilla rodent thing :iconoelplz:

→Angelus Bio:

She used her power to tend to Angelus that were hurt or fatigued. She would most likely be found napping in the gardens,or in the library researching other planets. She would write off her constant napping as storing her energy for an emergency, but she really just wanted to be lazy and daydream. After the attack, she used up all her energy trying to heal herself, along with any other Angelus she found, and was forced into her false form. She lost a lot of her memories, including her own name. She's landed on a few uninhibited planets before ending up on Earth.


Marko was alone late at night studying, when he looked outside and saw a small flash of light not far from his house. After a small shock wave shock his house, he decided to take a look. He came upon a crater that had a chinchilla at its center. Disappointment was an understatement, his expectations of foreign life were downright crushed. He decided maybe it was a dream, that's the only possible explanation as to why there was a chinchilla just chilling in a crater right? He made his way back home sulking, not realizing the chinchilla was following him.

The next day BAM!! The chinchilla was there in his room. She had looked through a lot of his research and books while he was sleeping, and liked his logical way of thinking. She told him as much of her story as she could remember, and offered him information about places she had been to while traveling to Earth. After making sure it wasn't a dream, he was enticed by her offer and accepted, along with the condition that he could run some tests on her. She agreed but would always end up falling asleep before or during the test, and he has yet to get any solid results as to what she really was. He named her Laiska, because of her sleeping habits, means lazy in Finnish.


Currently Marko is still living his everyday life, but with Laiska tagging along everywhere he goes. She refuses to let him leave without her, even though all she does is sleep in his hoodie or bag. They've been together for almost a year now, and their bond with each other has grown throughout this time. Laiska is one of the few things (or people) that can make Marko smile. Marko has also been very careful not to let anyone know about his and Laiska's secret. He stopped doing his tests on Laiska and instead, just had her tell him anything she could remember. He's currently living with Railey.

Weapon: Magical Bracelets

Name: Simple Red Bracelets so original I know


Marko has an interest in geology, so he has a lot of rocks and minerals scattered about in his room. He had Laisko choose the kind of weapon he would use, while he chose the material and color. He also wanted to make sure it was something he could use at a distance, since he's not physically strong and prefers to avoid close combat. Laiska also chose his simple attire only knowing that he's fond of soft things, so his outfit is really light and silky soft.

Magical type: Skill

Name: Consume


Slowly drains the opponents energy to heal himself, he has to be wearing at least one of the bracelets to do this. Although he'd prefer not to get close to the opponent, it's necessary in order to use his skill to the fullest. The closer he is, the more he can drain. The energy looks like sparkles when he's draining them. so yeah he does sparkle, just not all the time He can also heal others by lending them one of his bracelets, though they heal very little. It will also cause them to sparkle for a short amount of time. not gomen He relies on this skill to defeat his opponent, he can use physical attacks like punching and kicking but they hardly do any damage.

:new:Magical type: Skill

Name: Smear

Description:  Covers the enemy with an oily, or sticky substance. Makes them more vulnerable to fire or slows them down, which makes it easier to drain from them. It's has an area effect so it's best not be within it's range, getting all that gunk off wouldn't be very fun now would it.


* He remove's his glasses when he's angry, for fear of them getting broken.

* He always tries to put up a tough front around his brother, for fear of appearing weak or girly to his bro, though he still won't fight.

* He would visit his cousins in America a few times a year, having a big family reunion once a year.

* Has a friend who calls him mop top lovingly, he has grown used to this...

* He can speak Finnish, Swedish, and English, but has a very thick accent with his English. (Ami only know English though otl)

* He's farsighted.

* Loves to cuddle Laiska because of how soft she is.

* Loves the taste of wine.

* Wears headphones to help concentrate when reading.


*** Kai: His Brother and the person he respects the most. Doesn't want him, of all people, to know his secret. His brother is hard on him because he cares, and doesn't want Marko to get hurt easily.

*** Laiska: A close friend whom he treasures, though he doesn't show it. Her and Railey are the few people he can relax and smile around.

*** Railey: His long time friend who calls him mop top. He recently moved in with him, and is happy to see him again on a a daily basis.


**Justice: Broho He really likes the kid, and see's he has a lot of potential. Always enjoys his company and the time they spend together.

**Ren: He's a very caring guy who loves taking pictures. Thinks he's nice, and feels relaxed around him.

*Abel: A cute albino kid.

*Nero: Thinks he's pretty amusing.

*Attis: Guy seems like the fatherly type.

I'm sorry if  I forgot anyone... :iconoelplz:

~~Marko's Themes~~

~Character Themes:…

~Battle Theme:…

~~~Laiska Themes~~

~Character Theme:…


I just give up on English 5eva *flips table*
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